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Popular YouTube Creator Gives GlueTread the “Seal” of Approval

by Andrew Auble April 28, 2021 1 min read

Josh Draper, aka Stoney Ridge Farmer, is all in on everything GlueTread! 

I​n his September 1st video entitled “Fix a Flat Tire the EASY WAY!” Josh examines the quality and efficiency of fixing a puncture in the sidewall of his John Deere Gator using the GlueTread External Patch Kit. In the video, he creates a puncture in the sidewall of his tire using a screwdriver, which he definitely didn’t recommend users doing. However, that was pretty much the only thing that he didn’t want his viewers to emulate: after going through all the right steps in applying the patch to his vehicle, Josh gave the External Patch Kit a perfect review, throwing out beaming reviews like “It works” and “Awesome.” 

With this review from Stoney Ridge Farmer, there is no doubt that GlueTread has cemented itself as the top tier of off-road tire repair products!

To watch Stoney Ridge Farmer’s video, click the link below!

And be sure to check out GlueTread’s YouTube channel as well!

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