Sidewall Repair is Here

Specializing in sidewall repair, GlueTread Kits allow you to repair a puncture or slice on any tubeless off-road tire without removing the tire from the vehicle! 

GlueTread sidewall repair solutions are rated up to 40psi and allow you to repair the exterior of your tire!

GlueTread + The Rubicon Trail

  • Matthew G

    "I had a patch on my last RZR. Shockingly solid. Never bothered to replace the tire it was that solid. Rode on it easily for 2 years before I sold that ride."

  • Jason F

    "This kit saved me 54 miles from camp on the Hatfield McCoy trails. I got a sidewall hole you could stick your finger in. To my friends astonishment I was aired up and riding in 3 minutes and I rode the remaining 3 days on that tire doing a total of 160 miles after the patch.

    Believe me we are gncc racers and ride hard and fast. Best tire repair out there!! Thanks guys."

  • Kit W

    "Saved my hunting trip" I put a 1" gas in my sidewall coming down the mountain. I was 40 miles from my truck and 300 miles from an arv dealer. This product fixed my sidewall puncture and I was able to continue hunting. As soon as I got home I bought three more kits. I will never leave home without one!"

The Frustration

We were frustrated. Sidewalls are weak. When the inevitable damage occurred.... there was no solution.

So, we went to work finding the right adhesive and rubber combination that would allow others like us to remove the pain points that come with tire damage.​

We spent thousands of hours testing hundreds of rubber/adhesive combinations. We had conversations with experts from around the world,  and we finally found the solution.


The Solution

This solution- GlueTread. With the GlueTread product line, you can now repair sidewalls punctures and slices along with any other kind of tire damage that you might encounter on the trail or in the field. Whether an ATV, UTV, tractor, bike or lawn mower, GlueTread can repair the sidewall!

We are so confident in our product that if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Grab a kit and join the GlueTread Family!

-Dave Auble & Andy Auble 
    Father and Son, Co-Founders

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