The GlueTread Mission

At GlueTread, our mission is to equip off-road vehicle owners with products that ensure their safety and self-reliance, while saving everyone money and reducing unnecessary tire waste. We continually strive to innovate ways to extend the lives of off-road tires.


From Mishap to Innovation: The GlueTread Story

Pictured here is the vehicle that started it all. On April 24, 2018, Dave Auble finished attaching a brand-new set of rear tires onto his Yamaha Kodiak 450 to haul a trailer around his property with the ATV. Everything was going smoothly until the trailer jackknifed, puncturing the sidewall of the brand-new tire and rendering it worthless. 

After overcoming his disappointment, Dave began to ponder solutions for this problem. In the shop with his oscillating saw hours later, Dave sliced pieces of the fresh tread off of the punctured tire. Then, he experimented gluing those pieces back onto an old tire with various adhesives he found lying around his shop. 

After his experimentation in the shop, Dave and his son, Andy, conducted extensive research on the rubber and adhesive industries over the course of several months. They performed countless tests with a specialized adhesive manufacturer to finalize the GlueTread formula until finally, GlueTread was made available to the public as the first-ever solution to external sidewall repair!

Gluetread Today

GlueTread is a family-owned business that quite literally began in our garage! The Auble family grew up on ATVs and farm equipment, always enjoying the outdoors together. So when the opportunity presented itself to create a business that supported these passions, we hopped on it!

Every day we work together to bring products to the market that will make your off-road experience safer, more enjoyable, and more affordable, while also trying to reduce the number of tires that end up in landfills. 

Dave has a professional background in engineering, and he’s not new to running his own business. Andy’s professional background is in product development. Prior to the launch of GlueTread, he gained experience with a team in Salt Lake City, Utah bringing products from concept to shelf in big-box retailers like Lowe’s and Michael’s Craft Stores. 

Today, our team of friends and family operates the GlueTread headquarters in Hiram, Ohio. We all pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems within the industry, so don't hesitate to reach out!