The Adventures of King of the Hammers 2022

King of the Hammers is arguably the, “toughest one-day off road race on the planet.” Every February in Johnson Valley, CA 300 teams compete in a gnarly public land race on in front of 100k fans and more than half a million watching online.

King of the Hammers has grown so rapidly that they now have their own racing class, ULTRA4.  Cars must be four wheel drive but otherwise they can use their creative and technical genius to navigate the course as fast as possible. There are 7 qualifying races throughout the country that all lead up to the King of the Hammers. 

In short, It’s an off-road rider’s heaven. 

Although GlueTread couldn’t make it this year, our good friends and partners, Miller’s Garage Racing, headed to the event promising to keep us updated on all race happenings. Miller’s Garage is an Ultra 4 Race Team with a sweet setup that you can geek out over here. Mike and his team brought an abundance of GlueTread kits with them, some for their race and some for other riders. 

The first GlueTread adventure kickstarted before Mike Miller’s team even reached California! Mike’s trailer got a nasty gash in the sidewall and although we only recommend our product for off road use, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put GlueTread to the test. Without another option, Mike used a 4x4 kit to patch his trailer tire... hours from the final destination in Johnson, California. Interested in if the patch made it all the way to California... and back? Check it out with this quick video from Mike himself. No really, go watch, he's really funny. 


The second GlueTread adventure lasted all week. As riders are plowing through tough terrain, GlueTread is the perfect addition to a race repair kit. Mike and his team have even used the patch kits to fix a mound of shredded tires from other races. Mike and his daughter Caitlin, spent this week hiding GlueTread kits around the compound of King of the Hammer for an ultimate week-long scavenger hunt! One lucky group of scavenger hunt winners, Fox Hammer Hunt are pictured here. If you couldn't make it to King of the Hammers scavenger hunt but still want in on the fun, comment below. The first three people to comment will get a free kit! 


So how did Miller Garage Racing perform at King of the Hammers? During the qualifying round Mike and his team finished 4th in their class! Spirits and vehicles were soaring at the end of the race. See the picture of 4507 the top of the page.

The success in the qualifying round meant that Mike and his team headed into Friday's final race with some pretty high hopes. Unfortunately, mid way through the race, the car started "poppin and spitting." After trying all the tricks in the tool box, the car was down for the count. Sadly, the team didn't get to finish the race this year but this is only the beginning of the racing season. To stay tuned into the rest of the race season, follow Mike and his team on Instagram.

Huge shoutout to Miller’s Garage Racing for all of their help at King of the Hammers.

We hope this story gets you just as stoked as we are for spring riding!


  • Posted by Jack Losco on

    I recently purchased a 4×4 kit for my summer trip to Colorado. There I plan to wheel several mountain passes with GlueTread in my toolkit.


  • Posted by Barry Wilson on

    I have a GlueTread full kit on my Yamaha 2021 Wolverine RMAX2 1000 but hope I never get to use it because I’m trusting in the product instead of carrying a full size spare!

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