Revolutionizing Sidewall Repair On the Race Track

GNCC Racing - An Overview

The GNCC racing series is an American off-road racing competition. Bike or ATV racers navigate challenging courses with various terrains, including mud, rocks, and forest trails, pushing both their vehicles and their own endurance to the limit.

This season, GNCC racing has organized several notable events. Some of these may have already taken place, but they still showcase the excitement and competitiveness that the series is known for:

  1. The Big Buck GNCC: As one of the most popular events on the GNCC calendar, the Big Buck GNCC in Union, South Carolina, challenges racers with its diverse terrain, from rolling hills to creek crossings.

  2. The General GNCC: Held in Washington, Georgia, The General GNCC offers a mixture of fast, open trails and tighter, more technical sections, testing racers' skills and adaptability.

  3. The Ironman GNCC: Located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, the Ironman GNCC is famous for its challenging course, featuring steep hills, creek crossings, and dense woods.

GlueTread - The Future of Sidewall Repair

As any off-road racing enthusiast knows, sidewall damage is an all-too-common issue in off roading. Tires often face punctures and sidewall damage, which can lead to bad trail days or race-ending failures. This is where GlueTread comes in, offering an innovative solution to sidewall repair that keeps racers in the competition and not stranded on a trail. 

GlueTread is a sidewall repair kit for the exterior of your tire. The process includes sanding down the damaged area, applying adhesive, applying a rubber patch and using an accelerator, or quick-drying spray. Most repairs can be done in less than 5 minutes! The kit works on any tubeless tire. Click here to learn more about the product.

GNCC Racing with GlueTread

The effectiveness of GlueTread's sidewall repair solution was recently demonstrated by Andy, the co-founder of GlueTread. Andy slashed his tire before a GNCC race, repaired it using a GlueTread patch, and then successfully completed the 30 mile race. This impressive display of GlueTread's capabilities highlights the product's potential for GNCC racers and off-road enthusiasts alike.


Will GlueTread Become a GNCC Racing Must-Have?

In the world of GNCC racing, where tire performance and reliability are crucial. Many racers run tire balls, bead locks and other techniques to keep the competitive advantage. But, Gluetread is another way to keep you racing. 

By offering an effective and easy-to-use patch, GlueTread enables racers to tackle the challenging courses and terrains of the GNCC series without the worry of tire failure, as a repair can take as little as 5 minutes. As the sport continues to grow and evolve, innovative products like GlueTread will play a key role in shaping the future of off-road racing.


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