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Yes! Often our customers express concern that there is not enough adhesive in the kit. Adhesive is important—but in this case, using more is not better! Please read the instructions carefully to be sure you are not applying too much adhesive. 

Our team at GlueTread actually includes enough adhesive in each kit for two-times as many patches are included in each kit. 

However, as a valued customer of GlueTread, if you feel you do not have enough adhesive, we will send you a replacement tube—free of charge. 

Watch this video to see exactly how much adhesive is included in each bottle of GlueTread adhesive.

GlueTread patches are created and intended for use on the exterior of a tire. Although, some of our customers have expressed that they prefer to apply one patch on the inside, and another on the outside of the tire. This tried-and-true technique allows the customer to recover as much sidewall strength as possible. 

We’d like to offer some advice if you do choose to patch the inside of a tire with our exterior patch kits. First, make sure all chemical sealants are removed from the tire. Second, the sanding and prep-work is even more important when patching the inside of a tire because some tire manufacturers apply chemicals on the inside of their tires. The chemicals applied will react with the contents in GlueTread adhesive causing the bond to form incorrectly. Given this, proper cleaning and sanding are crucial!

After completing the prep-work, the patch can be applied to the interior of the tire using the same technique as one would if applying it to the exterior of the tire. However, GlueTread has not independently tested our patches exclusively for interior use.

The shelf-life on GlueTread adhesive is variable dependent upon the humidity level and exposure to ultraviolet light of the storage space. Under reasonable conditions, GlueTread adhesive should last the customer two years. We recommend storing our product in a cool, dark environment to maximize its shelf-life. Additionally, it’s best to store your GlueTread accelerator in a separate space, away from the adhesive.  

If—at any point—your adhesive hardens, send a picture to our support team at GlueTread via email at, and we will replace it, free-of-charge. 

Once on the tire, how long can I expect the patch to last?

GlueTread repairs are designed to be a temporary fix until the user can get the tire to a professional. 

However, in addition to our test vehicles that have maintained resilience for 2+ years with patches on, we are proud to share that our valued customers reported being able to travel over 100 trail miles back to safety with a sidewall patch in place. 

GlueTread repairs are meant be a temporary fix until you can get your tire to a professional.

With that said, we have test vehicles that have had patches on for 2+ years and had several customers report that they have traveled over 100 trail miles with a sidewall patch in place.

Expect GlueTread Accelerator to last several years. Although the potency of the accelerator will decline over time, there is not a specific amount of time which will render the Accelerator ineffective. 

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your Accelerator, reach out to our support team at GlueTread via email at, and we will replace it, free-of-charge.

Can I use GlueTread products on the road?

No. GlueTread products are not approved for on-road usage. 

No. GlueTread products are not approved for on-road use.

The type of damage that the patch repairs affects the answer to this question. In proper testing environments, GlueTread patches were found to be able to hold pressure up to 40 psi. For minor damage, (like a small puncture from a sharp object), users can expect 40 psi pressure to hold. If repairing a larger slice in the tire, the capabilities of the patch will depend upon the size of the puncture and how effectively the patch is applied.

Great question! Read the three solutions below to either avoid or fix this potential problem. 

First, preparation is key! Be sure to sand down all of the tire lettering, as this crucial step will allow the patch to adhere flat to the tire. 

Second, with more adhesive and accelerator, you can repair a leaking patch. Watch this video demonstration if needed. 

Third, in the case of a smaller leak, we would suggest using a chemical sealant (like FlatOut). 

No, not really. With our improved rubber formula, you can repair your damage, wait 10 minutes for the adhesive to cure, and inflate. Additionally, when the accelerator is stored near the adhesive, it actually causes the adhesive to dry more quickly and reduces its shelf life. If you do decide to use the accelerator, make sure to apply it only after your adhesive and patch is on the tire. If the accelerator is applied in the incorrect order, it severely reduces the strength of the patch. Want to read more? Visit our blog here


Yes! GlueTread holds a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive your kit and don't like it or if you use it and you aren't satisfied, let us know and we'll refund your purchase 100% with no questions asked.

Yes! GlueTread is available on Amazon Canada.

Yes! GlueTread will soon be available on Amazon UK!

Yes! We are not currently setup as a retailer in Australia but if you send us an email at, we can get something heading your way. Shipping usually costs about $15 plus the price of your kit.