Is it Possible to Repair Tire Sidewall Damage?

Is it possible to repair damage to the sidewall of your tire? 


For years, tire sidewall damage meant that you had two options: 

  1. Scrap the tire. 
  2. Use a handful of plugs to try to get you off the trail and then scrap the tire. 

Both of these options left you having to buy a new tire or limp back to the trailhead.

In 2018, when we had damage in the sidewall of our ATV tire, we thought, “there has to be a better way…” 

After a lot of rubber and adhesive testing, we created GlueTread to repair tire sidewall damage. 

GlueTread is a patch and adhesive that you apply to the exterior of your tire to patch your sidewall. No need to remove the tire from the vehicle! 

GlueTread Tire Sidewall Repair Process

To repair the sidewall damage, you need to sand down the damaged area and apply adhesive to the sliced or punctured area. After sanding the area again, you apply a small amount of adhesive to a rubber patch and place it over the damaged area. You can watch a short video by clicking here.

The adhesive must dry for 1 hour or you can use the GlueTread accelerator spray and the adhesive will cure immediately so you can get back on the trail. With the accelerator spray, the entire process can be completed in less than 10 minutes. 

Tire Sidewall Repair Testimonials

Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot. To show the durability and flexibility of these patches, we slashed all four tires and ran the entire Rubicon trail. You can view the full video of the Rubicon Trail here. 

GlueTread is recommended as a temporary repair for your sidewall. However, we’ve had customers that have had GlueTread patches on their tires for years! 

One customer said, “To my friends' astonishment, I was aired up and riding in 3 minutes. I rode the remaining 3 days on that tire doing a total of 160 miles after the patch. Believe me, we are GNCC racers and ride hard and fast. Best tire repair out there!”

Tire sidewall damage doesn’t have to you toss your tire. Visit this page to read countless reviews of real people who have patched the sidewall of their tire with GlueTread.

Tire Sidewall Damage Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicle will this sidewall repair process work on? Any vehicle with a tubeless tire: ATVs, SxS, Overlanding vehicles, 4x4s, Trucks, Tractors, and even lawnmowers if they have a tubeless tire. 

I've used plugs before and they work, what's the benefit of GlueTread? There is a place for plugs! GlueTread specializes in the sidewall of your tire and can be a longer term repair. We've had customers say that their tire patch has outlasted the life of the tire. 

You sell a few different kinds of kits, which is right for me? Checkout this blog, "Which GlueTread Kit is Best for You?"

Can I use GlueTread on the road? GlueTread is recommended for off road use only. 

How can I buy a kit? View our store here. 


Gluetread tire repair kit for damaged sidewalls


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