GlueTread's New Complete Tire Repair Kit

If you've been following GlueTread for the last few years, you've probably realized that we only sell sidewall repair patches. While that's really important because there isn't another sidewall repair solution on the market, we've had a lot of requests for an all-encompassing tire repair kit... and it's here

Our new Complete Tire Repair Kit equips you to handle any kind of tire damage that you could have on the trail - damage in the treaded area, a valve stem failure, and sidewall damage. 

GlueTread Patches: Repairing Sidewall Damage

GlueTread sidewall repair kits contain rubber and a super-hero adhesive that together, can  repair your damaged sidewall. The repair maintains the integrity of the sidewall while still flexing enough with your tire to get you off the trail. Most GlueTread kits also come with an Accelerator that cures the adhesive immediately so you can get back on the trail. This quick fix is explained best in the video below.

Colby Valves: Valve Failure

If you have a slow leak in your tire, chances are, it's your Valve Stem.

Colby Valves allow you to repair your valve without removing your tire from the vehicle.  The patented "winged spacer" design makes installation as easy as twisting a wing-nut. The NO TOOL design and ability to be installed from the outside of the wheel in under 5 minutes makes it the best tire valve replacement on the market. The Emergency Tire Valves are .453 inch size, and will fit everything from bicycles to truck tires.

Plugs: Repairing Damage to the Treaded Area 

For damage in the treaded area of the tire, the Complete Kit contains insertion T-handles and 12 plugs. Again, you can fix a puncture to your tread without ever taking the tire off the vehicle!   

We hope The Complete Kit allows you to hit the trails with confidence that you can repair these three types of tire damage! When talking about the recent release of the complete kit, GlueTread's co-founder Andy states, "Moving forward, we're excited to continue to innovate in the off roading space and find other ways to keep you safe while you're on the trail."

Made in the USA

Since the beginning, we have tried to source absolutely everything in our sidewall repair kits from the US. Because GlueTread began in Ohio, we were steps away from the rubber capital of the country and that made it easy to locally source the right rubber for GlueTread kits. We made huge efforts to source all parts of the Complete Kit from the US too. Currently, apart from the the insertion T-handles and the adhesive, everything is made in the US.

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Watch the GlueTread Complete Kit video on Instagram here.   


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