600 Mile Olympic Expedition with Slashed Tire

Slashing a tire at the beginning of a 600 mile expedition through the Olympic mountains of Washington State might not sound like a good idea. But for us, it sounds like a great opportunity for a thorough GlueTread sidewall repair test!  

Taylor Gibler documents his entire expedition in this epic YouTube video. This blog shares the highlights! 

The Winter Test of the Full Size Kit 

Our faithful customers often ask, “How well does GlueTread work in winter conditions?” Partnering with Taylor gave us the chance to showcase just how well GlueTread holds up in the cold

Speaking of winter, this winter we released the GlueTread Full Size Kit! This is the first kit with our largest–4X4.5 inch–patches and NO accelerator. After conducting much research, we improved the quality of our rubber in an effort to speed up our process which will help get adventurers back on the road more quickly and safely. Now, after applying the patch, the adhesive only needs ten minutes(!) to dry before you can inflate, significantly reducing the need for accelerator. Also, when adhesive is not stored in close proximity to accelerator, the adhesive lasts longer!

Should I Have Brought a Saw?  

As off-roaders, each expedition teaches us that we might consider adding something new to our rig. Within the first 24 hours of GlueTread patch holding on Taylor’s rig, he encountered a tree which had fallen across the trail and remained suspended ten-plus feet into the air. He wondered, “Should I have brought a saw?”

Yes, apparently so!

Taylor ended up getting creative with some hefty straps to winch the tree off of the trail.

Mission: Sweet Potato Fries

Taylor checked to see how the patch was holding up after a late night of driving and over 150 trail miles, and the tire was yet to lose any air! He was well on his way to achieving his goal to make it to Port Townsend for sweet potato fries–thanks to GlueTread.

Taylor navigated this trek using OnX. GlueTread is an official partner with OnX! If you are an OnX member, click here to earn a discount on GlueTread products.

Prior to reaching the sweet potato fries, the day brought a side hike to a picturesque waterfall amidst rough and remote terrain.

The Coast & Rugged Terrain

By day four, the GlueTread patch was still holding strong. “It feels like the patch is part of the tire now,” Taylor joked. The couple eventually arrived at the coast, and although the evening was fun, the sidewall patch and Taylor’s Gladiator took a bit of a beating! Click to skip ahead in the video footage and see what I mean.

Emergency Valve Stem Replacement

Taylor said this was the best trip he and his girlfriend have taken yet! The incredible views, rugged terrain, and remoteness that we all love pushed it to the top of Taylor’s list.

On the fifth day, Taylor cut out his valve stem and used Colby Valves. Colby Valves are emergency valve replacements included in the GlueTread Complete Kit!

Especially on long, remote trips, valve stem replacements should be considered essential. What’s better is Colby Valves allow the off-roader to replace the valve from outside of the tire without the need to remove the tire from the vehicle.

Trail Maintenance 

Taylor did his best as he traveled to remove trees and boulders from the trail for any other adventurers who might come that same route. Safe to say, he’ll be bringing the saw next time!

One unavoidable tree resulted in some tail light and mirror casualties, but the sidewall patch and Colby Valves held on strong!

After finally reaching the High Steel bridge, Taylor reached the end of his trip. Watch the video below, and subscribe to Taylor’s channel to see even more lesser-known trails you ought to check out!


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