Do I need GlueTread's Accelerator?

The short answer is, not really. But if you'd like to know why, keep reading!

Improved Rubber Formula 

We've recently released the GlueTread Full-Size Kit! This is the first kit that contains our largest patches (4" x 4.5"), the improved rubber formula, and doesn't contain the accelerator.

Since GlueTread was founded, we've improved our rubber formula a few times. The rubber included in all of our new kits is out-of-this-world good! It more quickly bonds with your tire, meaning that you can wait 10 minutes for the adhesive to cure, and inflate!  

Sidenote: The reason that we can be so picky about the quality of our rubber is because it's manufactured in the US, less than 30 minutes from GlueTread headquarters. 

Longer Adhesive Shelf Life 

When the accelerator is stored near the adhesive, it actually causes the adhesive to dry more quickly and reduces its shelf life - even just by being stored in the same package!

Pro Tip: If you currently carry the accelerator in your rig, store it away from the GlueTread adhesive to increase its shelf life. 

Less Sidewall Repair Mishaps  

If you do decide to use the accelerator, make sure to apply it only after your patch is on the tire. If the accelerator is applied in the incorrect order, it severely reduces the strength of the patch.
Pro Tip: This 1-minute video includes all the information for a perfect sidewall repair. 

Easier to Fix a Leaky Patch 

The accelerator can make it difficult to touch up a leaky patch later if its used during initial installation. By waiting 10 minutes for the adhesive to cure naturally, you can inflate your tire, check for leaks, and make any adjustments you may need.  

Pro Tip: See how to fix a leaky patch video here

Bond Strength 

We've done a lot of testing of the strength of the bond between the GlueTread rubber and your tire. While using the accelerator still creates a very capable bond, we've found that the bond between rubbers is actually stronger when the accelerator isn't used. 

Check Your Adhesive!

The standard shelf life for the GlueTread adhesive is two years. In many cases, the adhesive lasts much longer. However, if it's been stored in close proximity to the accelerator, double check that it's still liquid before you hit the trails. 

To check if your adhesive is still good, simply flip the little tube upside down and make sure you can see the air bubble inside move, signaling that it's still liquid. 

 Pro Tip: Watch this 1 minute video about checking your adhesive. 

Sidewall Repair at Dark? 

If you damage your sidewall towards the end of the day, and really want to repair your tire before the sun sets, the accelerator is still a good time-saving tool. We aren't suggesting that it can't be used! 

So, Do You Need Accelerator? 

We'd say you can perform a perfect sidewall repair without the accelerator! 

Do you have other GlueTread Questions? Visit our FAQ page. 


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