The New GlueTread Expedition Kit!

Our team at GlueTread is thrilled to introduce the New GlueTread Expedition Kit!

This kit is your ultimate solution for repairing ANY type of tire damage you may encounter on the trail. Whether you need to fix a sidewall, replace a valve system, or plug a puncture, this kit has you covered!

You’re probably wondering, what sets this kit apart from other GlueTread kits? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Expedition Kit Contents

The Expedition Kit Contains the following: 

[2] 4" x 4.5" Patch

[2] 3' x 1.5' Patch

[5] Bottles GlueTread Adhesive

[10] Applicator tips

[1] T-Handle with Probe

[1] T-Handle with Needle

[12] Plugs

[4] Valve Caps, [4] Valve Cores

[1] 4-way tool

[20] Pieces of sandpaper

[1] Hex Key

[1] Cordura Bag

Notably, the valve caps, valve cores, 4-way tool, hex key, and Cordura bag are exclusive to the Expedition Kit and are not included in any of our other kits.

New Cordura Bag: Made in Montana  

At GlueTread, we prioritize durability and convenience in our products. That’s why we’re excited to reveal our new GlueTread bag, made from the rugged Cordura material right here in the United States.

We collaborated with Steadfast Systems, located in Montana near the residence of our co-founder, Andy, to create this exceptionally durable and over-engineered bag. 

The Cordura Bag’s clever zipper design provides effortless visibility and access to all your tools and supplies, streamlining the repair process. 

New T-Handles: Made in Montana  

Included in this kit are our new T-Handles, proudly manufactured in Montana!

Initially, we struggled to source T-Handles made in the U.S. Determined to maintain our commitment to American manufacturing, we once again took matters into our own hands. The handles are made from CNC machined aluminum in our Montana-based workshop!

No Accelerator 

You might have noticed that our Expedition Kit doesn't include accelerator.

We've enhanced our rubber formula, enabling the adhesive to cure more rapidly without the need for accelerator.

Moreover, storing accelerator near the adhesive can inadvertently expedite the curing process. By omitting the accelerator, we've extended the shelf life of your adhesive.

Based on valuable feedback, patches applied without accelerator adhere better and last longer on compromised sidewalls. The curing time without accelerator, coupled with the improved rubber formula, is approximately ten minutes.

See The GlueTread Expedition Kit in Use 

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