The EV-olution of Powersports

Is Eleletric the future of powersports?? There are many that say it is, what do you think?


Looking at the advances of companies like Tesla, Rivian and even Polaris, it is clear that the industry is moving this direction.


In 2011, Polaris bought Indian Motorcycle which now has nine electric motorcycles. With Polaris being one of the most well-known companies in powersports, this was a huge step for the industry.


It is obvious that electric off-road vehicles are a blast, ask anyone that has driven one! With that said, high torque and increased acceleration can prove difficult for standard tires. The mix of torque and speed often cause sidewall damage as well as posing a higher risk for flat tires. When the inevitable damage occurs, it is important to be prepared to fix whatever problem you may run into. That is why here at GlueTread, we strive to offer the most versatile sidewall repair options we can.

Regardless of how appealing the product might be, the powersports industry is a difficult industry to break into. With strong brand loyalty and several products that already seem to have endless power, electric toys will have a hard way making their way into the field. Take Alta Motors for example. In 2016, Alta gave the world their first electric bike model, the Redshift. Even early in 2018, they had four electric bikes available with a fifth one on the way. Alta was experiencing skyrocketing sales, and even secured a large investment from Harley Davidson.


Even with seemingly everything going in their favor, in September of 2018, Alta halted production all together. 


Even so, the EV market continues to grow! Polaris recently announced that in December of 2021, the Ranger EV will be available for purchase boasting 50HP and 1,500 lbs of towing capacity. Here at GlueTread, we are excited to watch this industry develop and continue to provide tire repair solutions for whatever the future may hold!


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