Slash a Sidewall and See How Far We Can Ride!

Can Sidewall Damage Really be Fixed?

For years, sidewall damage was considered a fatal blow to off-road tires. The GlueTread sidewall repair kit has changed the game. Watch as the GlueTread team puts a knife through the sidewall of a Polaris RZR and rides it through the remote mountains of Montana. Think it will stand up to the test? 

Durable Even Through Rugged Mountains

As you can see, because the patch didn’t require tire removal, it was quick and easy to apply. The patch held up through the remote and rocky mountains of Montana until the vehicle made it back to the truck. No tire removal, no need to put 15+ plugs in the hole and most importantly - no need to walk home. 

Although this video only demonstrated the sidewall patch for the duration of a day, we have received reviews like this: 


No one ever hopes for these situations, but a durable off-road sidewall repair kit gives any rider peace of mind knowing you can get back home safely. 

From the beginning, that has been our goal. We strive to make off-road vehicle owners safer and more self-reliant while helping them save money and reduce unnecessary tire waste. Everything we do comes down to our core values:

Quality: We offer a money back guarantee because we know, if applied correctly, our product will work. 

Easy Application: Specializing in sidewall repair, GlueTread Kits allow you to repair a puncture or slice on any tubeless off-road tire without removing the tire from the vehicle. This means you can fix a flat tire quickly and easily. 

Sidewall Damage: We don’t specialize in flat tires as a whole. GlueTread is best for damage to the side of the tire. There are other products that help with flat tires, but no other products that fix sidewall damage quite like GlueTread. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are seeing real results and sharing their stories. 

GlueTread Saves a $700 Super Swamper Tire!

Recently, one of our customers was riding a rocky trail in the midwest when they took a huge, 12” long cut to the sidewall of one of their spare tires. With penetration through the sidewall between 2-3”, there was some serious damage. 

Since this was already their backup tire, they pulled out their  4x4 GlueTread repair kit. They were happy to report that the repair kit proved reliable, holding up well and enabling them to ride the trails for another week without any other problems!

Mishaps like this could easily derail an entire trip, but we’re glad they were prepared. And any day you can save $700 is a good day.

Build up your own tool kit so you’re prepared when you need it most. Not sure which repair kit is right for you? We have a blog post to help!

Safe riding!


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