Which GlueTread Kit is Best for You? Find out here.

Which GlueTread Kit is Best for You?

Which GlueTread Kit is Best for You?

No one wants to be stranded with sidewall damage on the trail. While GlueTread specializes in sidewall repair, we do have a variety of kits to choose from. So which one is best for you? 

All of our kits come equipped with the rubber patches, adhesive, applicator tips, and sand paper to help you with your on-trail repair. We also include written instructions just incase you're without service when you need to repair your tire. Things like the size and thickness of the rubber, if the kit contains adhesive or CO2, or the quantity of items differ for each kit. Here’s a guide to help you decide which kit is best for you and your vehicle. 

SxS and ATV Riders 

If you’re riding an ATV, UTV or SxS, the  SxS Kit  is for you. This kit contains smaller rubber patches that are just the right size for a puncture or slice in the sidewall of your tire. There are also two thicknesses of rubber patches in this kit. The thinner patch is flexible, but still plenty tough and can be used to fix damage near a lug or tread on your tire. The thicker patches work well for larger tires that may need help maintaining the structural integrity of a tire after damage. You'll also receive adhesive, applicator tips, sand paper, and accelerator spray. 

The GlueTread Adhesive is 90% cured after 20 minutes and 100% cured after 1-hour. However, if you patch a tire on the trail and don’t want to wait an hour, the accelerator spray can be applied to the patch immediately after repairing your tire to eliminate any cure time. You can reinflate your tire immediately and get on the trail. 

The Jeeps, Trucks and Large Vehicle Riders

If you’re riding a vehicle that’s larger than a SxS, the  4x4 Kit  is for you! This kit contains all of the pieces mentioned above, (including the accelerator) but with larger and thicker rubber patches optimized for repairing larger sidewall damage while maintaining the structural integrity of the tire. 

The Tractor Drivers

Our most recent product release is the Tractor Kit! Obviously, the use case is pretty simple… if you use a tractor, this is the kit we suggest. The kit contains the same sized patches as the 4x4 kit so that you can repair sidewall damage of any size. These thicker patches work well for larger tires that may need help maintaining the structural integrity of a tire after damage.

This kit doesn’t contain the accelerator spray which means you’ll have to let the GlueTread Adhesive cure from 20 minutes to 1-hour. However, this kit is slightly more cost effective than the SxS or 4x4 kits at $49.95. 

The Multi-Vehicle Rider

So what if you’re one of those lucky people who have multiple fun vehicles to ride? We suggest you get the 4x4 Kit (or the Deluxe Kit detailed below) with the largest sized patches with a variety of thicknesses and accelerator spray. This way, no matter the size of the sidewall damage, you’ll be prepared. 

The Rider who Doesn’t Ride with an Air Compressor… 

Say you get a flat tire and use a GlueTread kit to patch the sidewall of your tire. But your tire is still flat and you don't have an air compressor with you... no problem! We have an Emergency Inflation Kit containing 2 CO2 cartridges, a chuck to attach them to your tire and an insulation sleeve (the CO2 cartridges can get really cold upon use).

To inflate your tire, you simply attach the chuck to your tire, put the insolation sleeve on the cartridge, attach the CO2 cartridge to the chuck, and inflate! For more information on how to use the CO2 cartridges and what PSI they’ll inflate your tires to, checkout  this video about SxS tire reinflation or  this video about ATV tire reinflation. 

The Rider that Wants to be Extra Prepared 

Sometimes being extra prepared is really worth it. If you’re taking a long trip, riding with a larger group, or don’t want to carry an air compressor with you, the  All-in-One Deluxe Kit is for you. This kit contains all that you see below including the accelerator spray and emergency inflation kits contents. 

The Rider Who’s on a Budget

If you're looking for the bare minimum, checkout our SideWall Seal Mini. This kit contains one 1.5" x 2" patch, one bottle of adhesive and one piece of sandpaper. It's our most cost effective kit at $10.95. 

The Rider Who's Short on Space

If you don’t want to be stuck with a flat tire on the trail, but you don't have room for any extras (like the accelerator spray, extra patches, or inflation kit), then the  External Patch Kit  is for you. The rubber patches are 3"x1.5" and 1.5"x1.5" so rather you’re riding a large vehicle or an ATV, you’ll still have a patch that’s the right side for your vehicle. You’ll have to wait 20 minutes to an hour after you apply a patch to inflate your tire, but this kit is budget friendly at only $23.95. 

Our Guarantee

No matter which kit you choose, we ensure that you’ll be able to fix your sidewall damage when you need it most. All of our products are guaranteed and made in America. As always, if you have further questions, call us (and speak to a real human) or visit our FAQ page! 

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