Meet the GlueTread Team

GlueTread was founded in 2018 by the father-son duo, Andy & Dave Auble. Fast forward to today, and our fantastic team has grown way beyond just the two of them!

Based in the bustling metropolis of Hiram, Ohio (okay, maybe not a metropolis, but it’s home to us!), the GlueTread team is the real magic behind your sidewall repair. From managing inventory and handling shipping to making sure your questions get answered with a smile, they do it all!

So, without further ado, let’s meet the GlueTread team and give them the spotlight they deserve!

Jake: GlueTread's OG Operations Manager

Jake joined the GlueTread family in 2021 and has been our go-to guy for all things inventory management ever since. If there’s a GlueTread problem, you can bet Jake has the solution!

Brittany: GlueTread's Shipping & Service Superhero

Meet Brittany, the voice of GlueTread! She organizes our shipping department with precision and is an expert in all things customer service. If you’ve ever had a question or needed help, chances are you’ve spoken to Brittany!

Rick & Brian: GlueTread's Energizer Bunnies

Meet Rick and Brian, our dynamic duo in shipping and fulfillment. There's not a funnier, faster packing team around! Rick also takes on the crucial task of quality testing all of GlueTread's rubber to ensure it’s perfect for sidewall repair.


Chris: GlueTread's Chief Joke Officer

Chris may be one of GlueTread's newest employees, but he’s been a familiar face around the Aubles for years. Known for his endless supply of puns and jokes, Chris keeps the team entertained while expertly assembling kits.

Caroline: GlueTread's Mom on the Move!

Meet Caroline! Balancing work and home life like a pro, Caroline contributes to GlueTread's marketing materials and helps assemble kits, all while working from home.

Jenny: GlueTread's Remote Multitasking Mom

Jenny helps assemble GlueTread kits and enjoys the flexibility to work from home whenever she needs. At GlueTread, we’re all about workplace flexibility.

Sarah: GlueTread's Chief Shipping Officer! 

Meet Sarah, our expert at getting kits out the door and answering customer questions. We take customer service seriously, ensuring you always talk to a real human promptly and are satisfied with your order.

Dave: Founder & Quad Racer  Extraordinaire

Dave and Andy started GlueTread in 2018. With his engineering background, Dave discovered the perfect manufacturing process for our rubber and adhesive combination in the sidewall repair kits. These days, Dave answers the GlueTread hotline during the week and spends his weekends tearing up the racetrack in the mud.

Chase: GlueTread's Wholesale Manager 

Meet Chase, the key player behind our vendor relationships. He ensures that GlueTread is available in local shops across the US and beyond. You can view a map of every wholesaler carrying GlueTread here.

Amy: GlueTread's Marketing Guru 

Amy manages GlueTread's marketing efforts, including things like writing this blog, sending our emails or organizing the creation of new content! Follow GlueTread on Instagram to make Amy's day.


Andy: GlueTread's CEO 

Meet Andy, our CEO who splits his time between Montana and Ohio. Andy is deeply committed to domestic manufacturing, ensuring that GlueTread kits contain as many local products as possible. Thanks to his efforts, we're excited to now produce new items like the T-Handles and Expedition Kit bag right in Montana! 

The Rest of the GlueTread Team!

Some key members of the GlueTread team not pictured here include Jeff & Kathy, who provide extra shipping and fulfillment help, our dedicated Montana Manufacturing crew, and Todd, Gluetread's designer, among many others! It truly takes a team to bring a product like GlueTread to the off-road community. We're incredibly grateful to our Hiram team for all they do for GlueTread and each other!


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