GlueTread 2023 Gift Guide for Off-Roading

Looking for the perfect gift for your the off-roaders in your life? Or maybe you're looking for ideas to add to your own-wish list? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoped out useful, quality items any off-roader would love. 

Here are 10 Gift Ideas for Off-Roaders: 

1. GlueTread Repair Kits. Not to toot our own horns, but GlueTread gear is a gift any off-roader will love. Whether an ATV, UTV, tractor, bike or lawn mower, GlueTread repair kits can repair a sidewall without removing the tire. This saves time, money and a lot of stress when you’re in a bind!   

Price: $10-$125

2. MORRFlate 4 tire inflation kits - These portable, off road tire inflation/deflation systems are plug-n-play and require no prep. The kits let you inflate, deflate and equalize air pressure in multiple tires at once putting less pressure on your compressor. MORRFlate also come out with a new TenSix™ PSI Pro™ 12v Portable Compressor that can air up a set of 35″ tires from 10 to 40 psi in under 5 minutes (when combined with a 4 Tire Hose Kit)!

Price: $179-$205

morrflate psi pso for gluetread's 2023 gift guide for off roaders

3. HondoGarage Phone Mounts - A gift of convenience and safety. These durable phone mounts hold your phone steady while you’re riding so you can look at the trail map and keep both hands on the wheel. They work for Jeeps, Tacomas, overland vehicles, motorcycles and side by sides.

Price: $95+

gluetread gift guide including a hondo garage phone mount

4. Speed Strap: Weavable Recovery Tow Strap - You know we love our recovery gear and everyone needs a durable tow strap. This strap has a 14,000 pound breaking strength, is great for Jeeps, Pre-Runners, Trucks and Buggies, and is available in various lengths. 

Price: $149-$299

gluetread 2023 gift guide for offroaders - tow strap

5. Factor 55: Extreme Duty Soft Shackle - Let this be the gift for your buddy who seems to always be getting stuck! As a bonus, These are also made in the USA!

Price: $90

6. Baja Designs: Dome Lights - These LED lights are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. All that is needed is 12 volt power. They have a 180 degree optic to illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells or anywhere else you need a bright light. 

Price: $75

7. Steel Trunk Shovel with Poly D Grip - For only $38 you can get a super sturdy shovel that's made in the US and can easily fit in your rig. 

Price: $38

8. Roughrider: Spare Tire Organizer -  You know how we feel about spare tires here at GlueTread, but just look at all the extra space this provides for winching gear, tools, extra water, trail towels, flares, and more! 

Price: $185

spare tire organizer from gluetreads 2023 gift guide for off roaders

9. Truck Trolly: These are a revolutionary roller tray system built to improve the utility and convenience of truck beds. Truck Trollys are like adding a drawer to truck bed, they're a roll out platform that allow you easier access to all the items in your truck bed without having to hop into the truck bed.

Price: $500

10. Poler: Silicon Bowl -  We could do an entire blog about Overlanding Specific gear! But if you're heading out for the weekend and want packable kitchen wear, this bowl is a great place to start and costs just $10. 

Price: $10

11. Poler: Tree Bed - One more bonus item! This comfy hammock makes for a perfect summer night's sleep. 

Price: $35

Want More Gift Ideas?

Our friends at MORRFlate & SnailTrail will be including a podcast all about off-roading gear! Check their website to see if the podcast is out yet! 


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