From SEMA to the Trail: GlueTread's SEMA Launch Pad Journey

SEMA, the largest automotive trade show on Earth, is a global gathering that centers around the automotive aftermarket and specialty products.

But why should you, as an off road enthusiast, care about SEMA?

The answer is simple: SEMA plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the gear and regulations that affect your offroad adventures.

Think about it – many of the off-road products you rely on for your rides have likely made their debut at SEMA. This annual event acts as a barometer for the off-road industry's direction, offering a sneak peek into the products and regulations that might redefine your off roading experience in the next 2-3 years.

Unfortunately, unless you work in the off-road industry, they won’t let you in the door. However, there is a pretty large group of exhibitors in the massive SEMA parking lot showing their cars, performance parts and services that you don’t need an entry card for. 

Get Involved with SEMA

Even if you can’t get in the door, here are some exciting things that you can watch happen as a spectator. 

    1. Watch SEMA Virtually: Tune into SEMA’s social media during the event starting November 3rd and you’ll get a preview of a TON of cool products. 
    2. The Future of Riding: Riding and land regulations are a prominent topic at SEMA. It’s a place for decision makers to talk about what the future of riding on public lands looks like and to advocate for our public lands to stay public. SEMA has an entire webpage where it states it is focused for 2023, you can check it out here
    3. Electric Vehicles: SEMA has widely expanded their showcasing of EVs as the industry continues to grow. Get a snapshot of EVs on SEMA’s social media and in this blog post. 
    4. Cool Products for YOU: You can checkout the top 15 coolest innovations from last year’s show here… more about these products below! 

GlueTread's SEMA Launch Pad 2022 Journey

SEMA has a program for the newest and most innovative products in the automotive industry. It’s like Shark-Tank, but WAY more fun because it’s all automotive focused. 

In 2022, GlueTread had the honor of being a part of SEMA's Launch Pad program. Over 100 businesses submitted entries to the program and GlueTread was among the top 15 that traveled to California to pitch their businesses in front of a panel of judges.

GlueTread also had the opportunity of being in the LaundPad finalist booth area at SEMA in 2022 in which we got to hang out with some of the coolest business owners we’ve met to date. To check out last year’s most innovative products - you can take a look here. We’re still waiting on the 2023 finalists to be announced! 

Kevin Robinson won last year’s Launchpad competition earning him $100k and absolute bragging rights as the coolest guy around. Kevin owns a company called TRAC Tire Jack. 

In Kevin’s words, “If a technician needs to remove or install a tire from a vehicle near the ground, the TRAC Tire Jack simply slides under the tire and carries it off or on the vehicle. There is no need to lift with your back while using the TRACJACK.” 

For GlueTread, this experience was a game-changer. It opened doors and allowed us to share our passion for improving off road sidewall repair with the world. 

Partially due to connections made during SEMA last year, we now sell GlueTread in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean, the UK and now select parts of Africa.   

Separate from LaunchPad, we entered in a competition in which 30 international judges get to judge your product as a part of the Global Media Awards Program. In short, 7/30 judges picked GlueTread as one of their top ten favorite products. See part of the GlueTread team in all smiles below. 

If you’re interested in SEMA, be sure to follow along here during the week of Oct. 31st to  Nov. 4th to see the latest innovations in the industry. 


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