Sidewall Repair for Riding Lawn Mowers

Is Sidewall Repair Possible - for Riding Lawn Mowers? 

The short answer is yes, definitely. But if you aren't convinced, keep reading. 

If you're new to GlueTread, welcome. We're a company started by a father-son duo in 2018. GlueTread provides a solution to sidewall repair for any tubeless off-road tire. 

We have over 1,000 5-Star Reviews and have repaired everything from tubeless mountain bike tires to 40 inch rock crawling tires. 

Law Mower Sidewall Repair 

GlueTread actually began by repairing agricultural tires. The cost and hassle of replacing a large tractor tire, or finding the right lawn mower tire is enough to make anyone search the internet for alternative options. 

These days, we're used on hundreds of Law Mowers, Riding Mowers, Tractor Tires, Zero Turns, Sxs, ATVs, etc. and here's why: GlueTread is an easy, 10-minute, low cost solution to repair the sidewall damage of your tire. 

The best part? GlueTread is an external repair, so you don't even have to remove the tire from the vehicle. 

GlueTread is an adhesive and rubber formula that, when combined, form a patch that adheres to the outside of your damaged sidewall. 

Lawn Mower Sidewall Repair Process

If you have sidewall damage on your lawn mower tire, this is the repair process.

Step 1: Choose Your GlueTread Kit
If you have other vehicles you might want to repair in the future and want our GlueTread Accelerator, which takes the 1-hour curing process out of the equation, choose the GlueTread SxS kit. If you have damage that's less than two inches, choose the External Patch Kit at just $24.  

Step 2: Prep Your Surface
Once your kit has arrived, clean and smooth the damaged area on your lawn mower tire using a rag and sandpaper included in your GlueTread kit.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive to the Damaged Area
Apply a small amount of GlueTread adhesive to the split in your sidewall, then hold the damaged area together and let it cure for a minute before sanding off excess.

Step 4: Measure Patch & Trace on Tire
Select the right-sized patch, ensuring at least a ½ inch margin around the damaged area, then trace the patch onto the tire using a marker or any handy object.

Step 5: Apply Adhesive to the Tire
Apply adhesive to the tire using small dots and avoid putting adhesive on the patch, allowing it to drip down, or using excessive adhesive. Place the patch in position and apply pressure evenly for a minute.

Optional Step 5: Apply Accelerator
Spray a few drops of accelerator on the edges of the patch, and the patch will cure in just one more minute. If you don't have the GlueTread accelerator, wait 1 hour and your lawn mower tire will be ready to inflate.

You can also watch a quick video here

Is GlueTread a Permanent Fix? 

GlueTread repairs are meant be a temporary fix until you can replace your tire. With that said, we have test vehicles that have had patches on for 2+ years and had several customers report that they have traveled over 100 trail miles with a sidewall patch in place. If applied correctly, the repair to your lawn mower tire will likely last the life of the tire. 

Riding Lawn Mower Repair Reviews

"I had a small puncture in the side wall of my riding lawn mower/ tractor. I used this patch about a month ago and the tire still holds air. Easy to do and it worked!" -G. Sanders, Amazon Customer

"Purchase this kit, and used it twice so far (On an ATV and zero turn lawnmower). It worked well, in both cases. I waited the suggested one hour cure time. Well worth it! Note: the front tires of the zero turn mower have no treads, I was impressed when this patch kit worked despite no projection normally provided by treads." -Dan, Amazon Customer 

"Small slice in walk behind mower tire. Glue down the flap…sand off excess…add adhesive…apply patch…wait an hour…back to chorin’ !" -Rebecca, Amazon Customer

So feel free to drift that zero turn mower with confidence on any slope as long as you have a GlueTread kit nearby.


If you have other questions about repairing the sidewall of your riding mower, just comment below and we'll get back to you. 


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