Risky Business: Sidewall Slashed for Cash! Watch GT Slash a Stranger's Tire!

Would you take $500 to slash your own tire?

This stranger did. 

We wanted to show - not just tell - a random stranger how well the sidewall repair kit works. So our founder, Andy, hit some Montana off road trails and flagged down a rider. Andy asked if he wanted to earn a quick $500 and explained the deal: Andy would give him $500 cash if he let him slash his tire and fix it with a GlueTread kit.

Never having heard of GlueTread, he was hesitant at first, “Seriously? That’s a little scary bro.” (I guess that's fair!) But the rider was ultimately up for the challenge. A few minutes later the rider drove his knife into his own tire, watching it hiss and deflate on the side of the road. See how it plays out:


Quick Replay

After puncturing his own tire, the rider let Andy get to work repairing it. I pulled out our SxS Sidewall Repair kit and followed the five easy steps:

  1. Sanded sidewall gash and applied adhesive to puncture.
  2. Sanded again and applied adhesive to area around the tire.
  3. Applied patch to tire.
  4. Held for 30 seconds.
  5. Sprayed GlueTread Accelerator for an instant cure.
  6. Inflated the tire.

He gave it a good test run and was impressed (and relieved) to find the quick repair was effective with no leaks or loss of pressure. Like many customers who report putting hundreds of miles on their patches, this guy drove the rest of the day just fine! If this had been a real busted tire and the rider didn't have the repair kit, he would’ve been 11 miles out and a few hundred dollars short. 

Thankfully that wasn’t the case, but we don’t want that happening to anyone. We’ve created the Sidewall Repair Kit to make off-roading safer, more enjoyable and more affordable for everyone.

Grab a kit or two and leave one in your rig so you’re thanking - not kicking - yourself later:  SxS Sidewall Repair Kit.


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    What about tires with ridges etc on the sidewall?

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