Full-Size Sidewall Kit

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The new GlueTread Full-Size Sidewall Kit includes everything you need for multiple sidewall repairs. The sidewall patches included in this kit are optimized for a Full-Size or 4x4 vehicle but will work for any off road vehicle.

This kit includes our improved rubber formula and doesn't include the accelerator. Here's why:

We've improved our rubber formula, which allows the adhesive to cure more quickly without the accelerator. You can now repair your sidewall, wait 10 minutes and inflate your tire.

We received a lot of feedback that patches applied without the accelerator adhere better and last longer on a compromised sidewall. The cure time without the accelerator and the improved rubber formula is about ten minutes.

For off-road use only.

Vehicle Type:


  • repairing sidewall damage

  • repairing a sliced tire

  • repairing a punctured tire

  • adding extra protection to areas of a tire that are worn

  • covering cord

  • covering a bulging tube

  • covering an internal patch

  • covering and repairing a cracked tire to keep out debris

  • preventing a higher risk area from leaking in the future


[2] 4" x 4.5" Patch
[2] 3” x 1.5” Patch
[4] Bottles GlueTread Adhesive
[8] Applicator tips
[10] Pieces of sand paper

Technical Specs:

Pressure Strength: 40 PSI
Bond Strength: 5,000 PSI
Patch Durometer: 75
Initial Cure Time: 30 Seconds
Full Cure Time: 10 Minutes