Save Tractor Tires With the Tractor Sidewall Tire Repair Kit

Save Tractor Tires With the Tractor Tire Sidewall Repair Kit

Did you know it’s possible to save a cracked or damaged tractor tire? Our tractor sidewall tire repair kit makes it possible to repair, even from the field.

“Our external tire patch for tubeless tires eliminates the need to remove the wheel from the rim to patch punctures or slices in tractor tires and other off-road tires, even if it’s a tear in the sidewall. It’s a great tool to keep on your tractor or in case of an emergency,” says Dave Auble, GlueTread owner.

Below we answer some of the most common questions we get about the kit, it’s use and it’s functionality.


How Can I use the Tractor Tire Sidewall Repair Kit?

The repair kit is designed for basically two scenarios: old tires that have started to crack, and new tires with sidewall damage. 

Here are some more specific applications:

  • Repairing sidewall damage
  • Repairing a sliced tire
  • Repairing a punctured tire
  • Adding extra protection to areas of a tire that are worn
  • Covering a bulging tube
  • Covering an internal patch
  • Covering and repairing a cracked tire to keep out debris
  • Preventing a higher risk area from leaking in the future

Watch us repair a tractor tire in 5 minutes - - possibly embed into post

Who is the Tractor Sidewall Kit For?

This may seem obvious, but the tractor kit is great for any farmer or do-it-yourselfer. The patch kit works on tractor tires, rider mowers, or any tubeless tire. The kits are rated up to 40 psi with proper application. 

What is Included in the Tractor Sidewall Kit?

The GlueTread tractor patch kit includes: 

  • [4] Patches
    • [2] 4" x 4.5" Patches
    • [2] 3” x 1.5” Patches
  • [4] Bottles GlueTread Adhesive
  • [8] Applicator tips
  • [10] Pieces of sandpaper 

*does not include accelerator spray

What is the Difference Between This Kit and the 4x4 or SxS? 

The tractor tire repair kit contains the same sized patches as the 4x4 kit so that you can repair large sidewall damage. The largest patch in the tractor kit is 4 inches by 4.5 inches. These patches are thicker than the smaller sized patches to maintain the structural integrity on a damaged larger tractor tire.  

This kit doesn’t contain the accelerator spray which means you’ll have to let the GlueTread Adhesive cure from 20 minutes to 1-hour. However, this kit is slightly more cost effective than the SxS or 4x4 kits at $49.95 and is built to keep you going - no need to waste a whole day with a tractor down. 

Remember that prep is the most important part of the repair process. Check out these videos to see how to correctly apply the patches and reach out with any questions!

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