Ride Prepared: For When Off-Roading Goes Wrong

Everyone has that story… the one where something went wrong on the trail. Flat tire, blown shocks, a stick to your brake line, you name it. 

When you decide to take your vehicle into the backcountry, you’re rewarded with solitary places, beautiful views and challenging terrain. But you also assume that you’re responsible for getting yourself in and out

Off Road Recovery Stories

In the off road repair space, we hear some great stories about the trouble riders run into on the trail. Here’s two of our favorites… 

“We were camped in central Idaho and our son and daughter in law would join us that evening. They were very late on arrival. Our son explained that his upper turbo hose blew out on a steep grade and on a curve that was a bad situation. Our daughter in law remembered the kit I gave them. My son got the kit out, sanded the 2 inch long split in the hose, applied the entire tube of glue to the patch and applied it on the turbo hose. Then as additional support to the patch he zipped tied the patch. It got him the next sixty miles of steep, windy road to our camp. We were able to get a new hose the next day. Thanks to your kit our family made it to the camp safely. Your kit will be in our SideXSides and trucks from now on. Thanks, Les C.” 

One more story for good measure? 

“I was off-roading last week with 4 other trucks and my Chevy blew a lower radiator hose. One of the guys suggested at least trying the GlueTread. It was as easy as your videos show and I have driven over 500 miles with it on. Just waiting for my new hose to come in. Great product, saved us a huge hassle as we were very remote on a trail between Baker CA and Las Vegas.”

Moral of these stories?

A GlueTread Kit fixes everything… Just kidding. 

Our point is that when you’re alone in remote places, the difference between having the right recovery gear and not, can mean everything. 

GlueTread as a Sidewall Repair Solution

GlueTread was started by a father-son duo who grew up riding in rural Ohio. The desire to create a sidewall repair kit came from their own frustration and the quest to be more independent and capable on the trail. 

In an effort to prove the durability of a GlueTread patch, in 2022 we slashed all four tires of a Jeep Rubicon and ran the legendary Rubicon Trail with some friends from MORRFlate. You can watch the epic adventure here. Long story short, we navigated some of the toughest miles with four compromised tires successfully. When we offer GlueTread as a sidewall repair solution, we know it will get you home safely when you need it most. 

So be prepared! Take the time to research the necessary recovery equipment for the places you’re riding and the vehicles you’re driving. 

And if you happen to use a Sidewall Repair Kit, record the process and send it to info@gluetread.com for a free kit.

GlueTread and MORRFlate on the Rubicon Trail

Photo By: the one and only Simon from https://headlamp-studios.com/


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