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How to patch a tire without removing it from the rim!

by Andrew Auble April 28, 2021 2 min read

Tire damage is inevitable regardless of how careful or experienced you are.
Whether you are on a tractor, ATV or UTV; damage from a nail, antler or piece of debris can prove costly and interrupt your day.
Here at GlueTread, we are excited to introduce our new external patch kit. You are now able to repair slices, punctures and even sidewall damage on any tubeless tire.
The best part, there is no need to remove the damaged tire from the vehicle!
GlueTread is ideal for tractors, combines, ATVs, UTVs, and other off-highway tubeless tires.
Keep a kit in your truck, tractor, atv or utv in case of emergency.

Here’s how it works:
Notice the severe damage to this sidewall. Start by applying adhesive to the edge of the damaged area.
Use a knife or other tool to bring the edges together, then wipe any excess adhesive from the sidewall.
Use the included piece of sandpaper to remove any smeared adhesive, tire lettering, nicks or gouges. It is important that your rubber surface is smooth, clean and dry.
Select a patch slightly larger than the damaged area, place the patch on the tire and mark the edges.
Apply small drops of adhesive to the tire using the provided applicator tips. Then, place the patch on the prepared area and hold firmly for 30 seconds.
Allow the patch to dry for one hour and return the vehicle to normal use.
The GlueTread exterior patch kit is simple, fast and reliable. There is no longer a need to remove the tire from the vehicle so fix your damaged tire on the spot.
Check out the External Patch Kit by clicking here

Feel free to leave some comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts on this new innovation! 

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