The New GlueTread ATV Kit: Your Universal Spare Tire

Imagine embarking on your next ATV adventure without the worry of tire damage holding you back. The new GlueTread ATV Kit is here to ensure you can tackle any trail with confidence while leaving your spare behind. Originally designed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Border Patrol, this kit is now available to all off-road enthusiasts, bringing professional-grade tire repair within your reach.

Comprehensive Tire Repair

The GlueTread ATV Kit is equipped to handle all types of tire damage, from sidewalls and valve stems to punctures. It comes with everything you need for 3-5 sidewall repairs, a Colby Valve, and a plug kit featuring machined aluminum T-handles crafted in our Belgrade, Montana shop. These components are packed in a durable, Montana-sewn Cordura bag, ensuring both resilience and portability.

Perfect for Limited Space and Convenience

ATV riders know that while out on the trail, space is limited. The GlueTread ATV Kit solves this problem with CO2 cartridges that can quickly inflate your tire, allowing you to continue your journey. This eliminates the need for a spare tire or an air compressor, providing a compact and easy-to-carry solution for all your tire repair needs.

Enhanced Rubber Formula 

Our kit features GlueTread's improved rubber formula, which eliminates the need for an accelerator and allows the repair to cure in less than 10 minutes. This enhancement extends the adhesive’s shelf life and ensures better, longer-lasting adhesion on compromised sidewalls, as confirmed by customer feedback.

Montana-Made Components 

At GlueTread, we continuously improve our off-road tire repair kits with a commitment to producing as much as possible domestically. Our T-Handles are now made from CNC-machined aluminum in our Belgrade, Montana shop and will last a lifetime. Additionally, the ATV Kit comes in a durable Cordura bag sewn in Montana.


Confident Riding Without a Spare Tire

While riding without a spare isn't for everyone or every trail, the GlueTread ATV Kit provides the security and peace of mind for your off-road adventures. Equip yourself with this kit and ride confidently on your next journey.


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