Best Overlanding Tire Repair Kit

Are You a Self-Reliant Overlander?

Do you consider yourself an Overlander? In other words, do you love long journeys to remote destinations while living out of whatever four-wheeled vehicle you've managed to fit your necessary belongings into?

If this sounds like you and you've been Overlanding enough, you've probably been in an "How did I get here?... And how do I get out?" situation before. Maybe you rain into mechanical trouble, got caught in a storm, gotten lost, or maybe even gotten a flat tire. 

For the self-reliant, overlanding enthusiast, here's something to add to your overlanding repair kit: GlueTread! It's a tire repair kit for any tubeless off-road tire. GlueTread is a rubber and adhesive kit that can repair external sidewall damage without taking the tire off of the vehicle. 

Sometimes you don't have room for a spare tire. Sometimes you have a spare but happen to puncture both tires. This is a kit designed to give you peace of mind on the trail. 

Is Sidewall Repair Possible for Overlanding Vehicles?

Before you say, "Sidewall repair doesn't really work," or "Why not just use plugs?" let us explain. 

GlueTread has an almost 4.5 star rating with over 1,000 combined reviews on Amazon. We ran the entire Rubicon Trail last summer after slashing and repairing all four tires. We're also used by emergency recovery groups like Trillium Off Road Recovery and Discover Off-Road Adventures.

Worried about riding at high PSI? GlueTread is rated for up to 40 PSI. If you need to ride at low tire pressure, we've also tested GlueTread for miles at 4 PSI. 

The goal of GlueTread is to give you another tool to be self-reliant on the trail. It was founded in 2018 by a father and son who wanted a longer term solution for sidewall damage. Since 2018, GlueTread is now sold in 10 different countries, and has been used by thousands of flat-tired off-roaders. 

To apply a GlueTread patch, you sand down the damaged area and apply adhesive to the puncture. You then sand the damaged area again, cut a GlueTread patch to fit, apply dots of adhesive to the tire, and then apply the patch. GlueTread has an accelerator spray that when applied, it immediately cures the adhesive so you can quickly get back on the trail. You can watch this quick video for a demonstration. 

Why Use This Tire Repair Kit for Overlanding?

When you're far away from town, when you damaged your spare, when you're on a really long trip, when you don't want to spend the money on a brand new tire, this kit is designed for the self-reliant, "I can fix it," overlander, that you are. 

GlueTread patches are supposed to be a short term solution to get you off the trail safely. However, we have had GlueTread patches stay on for years or hundreds of miles. These kits are a great solution to the tire damage you're bound to experience on your lengthy trips. Watch this quick video of Bret and Liz from Our Overland Life, as they use GlueTread on the trail. 

What Tire Repair Kit is Right for an Overlanding Vehicle?

The GlueTread 4x4 Kit contains large and thick rubber patches optimized for repairing larger sidewall damage while maintaining the structural integrity of the tire. It also contains the accelerator spray that can be applied to the patch immediately after repairing your tire to eliminate any cure time. You can reinflate your tire immediately and get on the trail. 


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