Is sidewall repair possible?

The short answer, yes. For years, sidewall damage has been a fatal blow to off-road tires. However, GlueTread has changed the game.

GlueTread products make sidewall repair simple and easy allowing the rider to repair their tire and continue riding. There is no need to remove the tire from the vehicle, no need to put 20+ plugs in a single hole and best of all, no need to walk home!

So, how does sidewall repair work?

It's pretty simple, check out the video below!

Here are some of our best selling sidewall repair products!

DIY Sidewall Repair Process

To repair your sidewall, start by picking out a GlueTread kit that works best for your application.

Tire Prep

Then, prepare the sidewall with the included sandpaper as described by the instructions. (You can also check out one of the videos in our YouTube Library.)


Patch Application

Next, apply the adhesive to the damaged sidewall and place the patch over top of the adhesive.

Adhesive Curing

Finally, apply firm pressure to the patch and allow the adhesive to cure.

GlueTread adhesive is about 90% cured after 20 minutes and fully cured after one hour. If you don't feel like waiting, pick up some GlueTread Accelerator that allows you to spray the patch and cure it immediately.

Still not convinced?

Check out the video below that shows the durability of our patch!

Looking for some more information?

Check out our full how-to page here!


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