Side-by-Side and UTV sidewall repair

Curious as to how best to repair your tire’s sidewall on your UTV or side by side? We’re here to tell you! All you need is the GlueTread family of products, with them, sidewall repair is a breeze.

Everyone who has spent time on a UTV or side-by-side has experienced the headache of a flat tire. Whether you are riding the trail or working from your vehicle, GlueTread’s mindset is to return you to your task as quickly as possible. Unlike our competition, our family of products offers repair capabilities for punctures and sliced on both the tire’s treaded area and the sidewall. Pick up an External Patch Kit and whether you’re working or recreating- if something goes wrong, you’ll be in good shape. At the end of the day, our kits at GlueTread are the top-tier method for repairing your UTV’s or side-by side sidewall damage. 

Click the link below to check out our YouTube channel, showing several examples of how our products work!

Are you ready to join us in extending the life of damaged tires? For additional information regarding the best way to repair any slices or punctures in the sidewall of your UTV or side-by-side, visit and the information you’ll need is on our homepage. You’ll be astounded at just how efficient our technique for repairing a puncture or slice in the sidewall of your UTV, Side-by-Side, or ATV is. So now if a situation comes up where you’re left thinking, “What is the easiest way to fix any slice in the sidewall of my UTV tire?” you have all the information you need. 


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